Episode 17

Published on:

25th Nov 2020

063: Thanksgiving Special & Jen Amos' Interview with Christina Etchberger on It's A Military Life

In this bonus episode, Jen Amos gives thanks for the Holding Down the Fort community, winning "Media Professional of the Year Award" presented by The Rosie Network Entrepreneur Awards, and the recent release of Scott's latest book Veteran Wealth Secrets. Also, thanks to Christina Etchberger from It's A Military Life, we get to listen to the most recent interview featuring Jen Amos.

Watch the Facebook Live version at the It's A Military Life Facebook Page at https://fb.watch/1ZwPHF8Aru/

To learn more about the Veteran Pen Pal Project’s Holiday Initiative: Operation Holiday Salute, visit https://itsamilitarylife.com/2020/10/11/veteran-pen-pal-project-veterans-last-patrol-operation-holiday-salute/

For Jen's acceptance speech for The Rosie Network Entrepreneur Awards: https://www.facebook.com/thejenamos/posts/10104456710139197

Watch Scott's new video series, Veteran Wealth Secrets, on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7vRdwcU2VoXBcD3WeHvpg

Are you a veteran who found the secret to personal/professional success? We want to hear your story! Feel free to reach out to Jen's work email jen@usvetwealth.com to apply today.


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About the Podcast

Holding Down the Fort Podcast
Military families are far from the average American family.

While on active duty, families learn resilience, resourcefulness, time management, organizational skills, flexibility, delayed gratification and, of course, how to establish a new normal after every PCS.

Our award-winning show, Holding Down the Fort Podcast, focuses on sustaining a fulfilling and purposeful military life through conversation and community building. We converse with special guests from the military community and for the military community to share knowledge, resources and relevant stories on how we can best "hold down the fort" for ourselves and our loved ones.

September 2021, the show made the Final Slate in the 16th Annual People's Choice Podcast Awards for the Government & Organizations category. November 2020, Jen Amos was awarded “Media Professional of the Year” at The Rosie Network Entrepreneur Awards! We've also been featured in multiple media outlets including Legacy Magazine, U.S. Veterans Magazine, The American MilSpouse, VeteranCrowd Network, It's a Military Life, VirtForce, Military Veteran Dad Podcast, and much more.

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"These are two women with a big heart and are ready to open it to the world." - Ben Killoy

"Jen and Jenny Lynne create thought provoking conversations for their military spouse audience. It’s like sitting down for coffee with two great friends who want to know how you really are, and provide the kind of help that’s actually helpful. Looking forward to this podcast being around for a long time!" - Lam978

"Jen is a fun and lively host who provides a good balance of showcasing her guests while also sharing her own relatable stories and experiences. Her podcasts feel like a conversation between two people that you get to listen in on. I would highly recommend giving Holding Down the Fort a listen!" - VirtForce

"One of the best Veteran, Mil Spouse shows out here! This podcast is a phenomenal addition to my day. The host and guest are first class and the knowledge shared is vital to success. Thank you for what you do to keep us current and for the effort to support and highlight the military/Veteran community." - Navy Cacique

"Jen is great to listen to. Comforting and informative, with a positive mindset laid on top of challenging topics. My wife is currently away for Army training for a few months, so while holding down my own fort I’m glad to have found this podcast." - RemagenMatt
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About your hosts

Jen Amos

Profile picture for Jen Amos
Jen Amos is an award-winning podcaster and entrepreneur.

Jen first found podcasting in summer 2019 as a way to work through depression and bouts of loneliness. She had recently moved from San Diego, CA (her home of 20+ years) to now Virginia Beach, VA in pursuit of new business ventures.

Jen actively seeks to find common ground through conversation and storytelling to foster connection, community and collaboration. She is known for her active listening skills, candidness, and ability to uncover powerful stories and universal lessons while conversing with her guests. Her favorite topics to cover on her podcast shows involve military families, entrepreneurs, women, and mental health. Since summer 2019, she has conducted 500+ podcast interviews.

Prior to podcasting and moving to the east coast, Jen received her Bachelor’s in Journalism emphasis Public Relations at San Diego State University and was fired from her fourth consecutive job in her young adult years. For more than a decade since, Jen has established a career in sales and in entrepreneurship with experience in the legal industry, online marketing, and now financial services.

During her spare time, Jen volunteers with Veterati, enjoys a leisurely read, and swimming.

Jenny Lynne Stroup

Profile picture for Jenny Lynne Stroup
Jenny Lynne Stroup is writer, blogger, podcaster, mental health advocate, MILSPOUSE, MOPS-alum, and recovering human being.

She joins the Holding Down the Fort Podcast as a seasoned military spouse who spends her time at each duty station fostering community. She believes that being vulnerable and sharing her story empowers others to do the same.

As a freelance writer, Jenny Lynne uses stories to bridge the gap between the civilian and military communities. She is passionate about narrowing that gap and sees her role as a military spouse as an opportunity to reach both communities.

Jenny Lynne has a background in marketing and education. Jenny Lynne received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech and her Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Old Dominion University.

Prior to advocating for military families' mental health as the Outreach Coordinator for the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Veterans Village San Diego, Jenny Lynne taught elementary school and spent her time working with several military organizations and spouse groups. She was a key note speaker for United Through Reading at both the Storybook Ball and the Tribute to Military Families events.

Jenny Lynne also worked for the USO of Metropolitan New York as a special event coordinator. During her time with the USO she worked to provide comfort and care for the wounded warriors participating the US Army Warrior Trials.

Originally from Virginia, Jenny Lynne takes her affection for her double name, her love of Southern cuisine, and her appreciation of Southern hospitality wherever the Navy sends her.